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  • AnJi FengLi Metal Component CO.,LTD. is transformed from a machinery manufacturer aged more than 40 years named Hu Zhou City gathers abundant metal material Ltd. We have fixed assets of five million yuan. The workshop covered an area of 3000 square meters and the plant side is over 4000 square meters. We mainly produce: public transit vehicle armrest series (including the stainless steel compound tube , gushing to mould the tube , snake lines tube , aluminium alloy and so on), owns "Shanghai Shenwo passenger car Ltd. " , east wind Hangzhou automobile Ltd. " wait for many family passenger cars manufacturer customer; The body-building apparatus series , annual body-building apparatus efficiency have reached more than 1000 , have developed and overseas market smoothly.

    The company is located in XiaoFeng town in the beautiful China Bamboo Home----AnJi County, It's 70Km to HangZhou, 240Km to ShangHai and Nanking. It has a good develop environment with the convenient transport and consummate infrastructure.

    Stainless steel multiple valve is a kind of new materials, the outer layer uses stainless steel as raw material, and the inner layer uses normal carbon steel as raw materials, they're compounded by special technology. It has the character of endure canker and bright of stainless steel and strong and hard of carbon steel. It's a good substitute of pure stainless steel. The product has been judged by province science and technology commission for "Zhejiang Province science and technology innovative product " in 1998. It's widely used in stair handrail, guardrail, road insulate fence, bus handrail and sleeper supporter, pre-thieve door and windows, steel furniture, advertisement establishment, ships manufacture and mobile establishment in airport, etc. Adopt the stainless steel compound tube to have reduced cost , reaches the industry wielding effect , applying to the public transit vehicle armrest broadly with having exceeded pure stainless steel's; For being able to serve better in domestic public transit vehicle marketplace,company public transit armrest products such as developing new products in recent years unceasingly , successively having gushing moulding the tube , snake lines tube , aluminium alloy tube is adopted broadly by the marketplace.

    The body-building apparatus has mainly being good for the abdomen implement and (the machine training the implement , the strong and handsome knight being on horseback) the series waits for a product. Product super quality and competitive price , depths accept a consumer be fond of.

    The idea obeying "till height , managing supreme , sincere " a company since being founded, the ISO9001 quality system certification being determined to make progresses , opening up unceasingly , passing in 2003. Face the gradually fierce marketplace requiring that readjust the product mix on self's own initiative , makes great efforts to raise product quality ,market share expanding a product's unceasingly.

    I am in charge of a company to being confident, I am capable the spirit, takes that "talented person, managements as" enterprise foundation, cause enterprise to develop vigorously on original firm foundation. The product leaving the factory manages company possessions all after strict quality, product of standardizing whose coincidence is in charge of system, since running after more thorough technology and attitude toward work warm and sincere. We take customer's every order form seriously, expect that the customer has much better achievement therefore and, will facing future abundant force people with the exuberant vitality take root that domestic and foreign market, gets nutrition, asks unceasingly move forward, creates out the exquisite product, adds us to repay every honorable place customers sincere and fervent.

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